SEO – Search Engine Optimization

As you will soon find out, search engine optimization is rather time consuming, but the end results definitely do justify the means. 

There is no true short cut to good quality White Hat SEO, so don't expect instant miracles. Search Engine Optimization is a hyper-competitive endeavor that requires intense focus and a thorough, up-to-date understanding of how the search engine algorithms and robots operate.

We’ve been performing search engine marketing for over a decade, and our tactics continuously evolve to meet our needs. In the uncertain world of search engine optimization, our straightforward approach has consistently delivered results, which is why we are so optimistic about search marketing. We will apply our proven SEO process so your website will achieve the same high level of success that ours have.  Moreover, we will teach you the “blueprint” to replicate our success for your future projects.

At the end of our SEO push you'll have learned all available on site SEO techniques (step by step) that we have employed to garner high rankings for our sites as well as our clients’ sites.  

You will have our complete "blueprint".  You will have a total understanding of all of our proven SEO techniques, and have gained enough knowledge to utilize this process on your own without the need to engage future SEO professionals.  This process is like riding a bike, once you learn the secrets, and spend some time won't forget it.  Be advised though, there is some amount of finesse involved in SEO, there are certain things can't be taught.   We feel as if we spent the last ten years in "SEO college", and for what we spent learning these secrets, it was definitely IVY LEAGUE!

At the end of the day, you will have a well indexed website that will dominate the online landscape as it pertains to main keywords within your industry!  This will not only bring you warm prospects in the door, but it will also provide you with a higher level of credibility with not known potential prospects as well as potential industry partners.  A good example is our site; it generates 150,000 unique visitors each month, and is #1 for most industry related keywords.  We are on the home page of Google for thousands of keywords relevant to all of our categories worldwide.  Another company that we recently provided SEO consulting services for was L&L International, one of the largest Heavy Jet Brokers in the world, having sold over $2 Billion in aircraft over the last 3 years.  After 9 months of SEO work on our part they achieved top ten rankings on Google for most industry related keywords…what is that worth to them?

FreedmanLane can help your company achieve TOP 10 rankings within your industry.  Be smart entrust your SEO needs with a company that has a proven track record. For more information regarding our SEO services please contact us today.



A horse of different color

FreedmanLane marries passion with entrepreneurial spirit to ensure a product both unique to its industry and underserved by demand.  We approach each project from both inside and outside the "proverbial" box.

From beggining to never ending...

We have always taken pride in serving our clientele by conceiving, acquiring, funding, and nurturing dozens of successful projects in diverse areas such as healthcare, SEO, trade shows, meetings, and hospitality.